Madrid is one of the most important cities in Spain. In this city you will encounter all sorts of offers for leisure and site seeing including cinemas, bars, museums,theme parks and restaurants… However in case you are visiting the city on a tight budget, there are tons of alternatives that wont break your bank account. In fact they will not cost you a cent! The activities referred to are totally free.You have just have to know where and when to enjoy them. Fortunately,there are blogs that will help you to find them.This is the case for, Cheap in Madrid blog.A blog that provides up to date events and activities that are very cheap and even free. Get a local´s view while on a budget! Below you can find some examples:

How to get into museums FREE in MadridSAM_1027

Madrid has many excursions and cultural activities to offer. Above all, many of these activities are free of charge. While in the city, soak in the Spanish culture, tradition and history through the various expositions offered by the museums. Read more here on how to get into museums for free in Madrid.

Must Visit Food Markets in Madrid

Madrid is a one of Europe´s food capital and as such, one can find a diversity of gastronomy for every palate. Learn more about the two main food markets in the city with respect to ambience, food, service and price here.

 Top Free Apps to Use in Madrid

While visiting Madrid, with a smartphone in hand, be sure to download apps that will make life simpler and pleasant in order to enjoy your stay in the Spanish capital. These apps will help you navigate and enjoy the city, oblivious of language barriers.

And remember if you are going to Madrid visit our section of hostels, hotels and guesthouses in this beatiful city as well as our section of FREE COUPONS where you will find discounts in bars, Flamenco shows and more…!

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